Europe’s first and only society with Turkish tracker dogs for finding living or inanimate persons.

A rescue dogs squadron is a unit of trained dogs specialized in scouting and finding people.
Although Rescue dogs squadrons of different organizations are being managed differently, they are able to be deployed together across several organizations and support rescue workers. The rescue dogs are being transported in special vehicles and delivered to the needed location.
Every year there are thousands of people reported missing. Most of them are elderly people, but also kids and sick people are amongst them. Every person can get in an emergency situation where HELP is needed. For these kind of incidents we are available 24/7 and operate day and night. On this website, we want to inform you about our work and training. In case of having questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Since 1999 we are registered as SOS Rettungshundestaffel e.V. which has been approved by the state government of Bursa in Turkey. Turkey and its surrounding neighbours are one of the biggest seismic areas in Europe. Our target is to form a deployment headquarter in Bursa, together with all helping organizations, disaster management teams etc., where different rooms, warehouses and training areas are being provided. This kind of headquarter would ensure reaching crisis areas in a short time and greatly improve coordinating and managing the units. The city of bursa provides necessary infrastructure for a swift, worldwide deployment of our rescue units. We want to create a place where you can exchange experiences, involve yourself in cultural and social activities, conduct different trainings and of course gain a decisive time advantage for deployments – a place to generate a greater feeling of togetherness and belonging. Every organization, which cares to join and pursue our goals, will have their own flag and name on the entry of the headquarter.

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If you also want to support our SOS Resque Squadron, feel free to contact us via Email info@sos.org.tr.

Our team consists of K-9 tracker dogs, as well as highly experienced and well educated rescue squad members from different nations, who share their experience with a social commitment. Our target is to raise awareness, create innovative ideas and transfer our knowledge to the future generation.

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Track and help!
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